We love horses, all kinds of horses, but there is something very special about Paso Fino horses. They are beautiful, loving, and will absolutely steal your heart. Their exceptionally smooth ride makes time in the saddle easy and enjoyable. These graceful, elegant horses are athletic and versatile.

At Windy Ridge we breed, raise, and train our Pasos. Each foal has their own unique personality from birth. It is a great joy to watch them grow and play with the other foals. Imprinted from birth, they learn early to trust their human friends. We use "Natural Horsemanship" training methods and spend many, many hours with our horses.

We find it extremely rewarding to match these magnificent creatures with riders who desire to have a special equine partner for life. Our horses are not commodities to us. They are gifts. We are matchmakers at heart. If we don't have a horse that meets your needs, we will try to help you find one.